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Using Foursquare

I am going to share my whereabouts with all the people that want to connect with me on Foursquare.  I have managed to log in with my new IPhone4.   I logged in with my desktop computer as well.


There was 25 notifications which were activities on the site, like acceptance of friends requests and ones that have been sent to me .   I see that I have 60 pending friends requests.





I am open – random and supportive but also selective – looking to engage with people who are similar to me.  Online for Networking – not for people from overseas looking for dating!!!  Engaging with those who might already be connected via Twitter or Facebook and of course Ecademy or LinkedIn.


In fact you can only have 1000 connections so really you have to choose wisely.


So I have logged in to Beatty Road Shops as I’m not far away.

I’m in danger of being the Mayor – good for conversation on the web.   I’m sure that there are loads of other people on a Iphone4 inEastbournethat have never heard of these applications as they are a bit behind the times……

Actually, I have sent a friends invite to this person Matthew F as it could be interesting.  Seems to know what he is doing- has had 434 check-ins, has 17 badges and 22 Mayorships,  he needs a bit of competition don’t you think? 😉




Using Klout

Logged in to Klout with your Twitter Account.

You can reward your connections by sending them “K’s” for performance.   When they do the same to you, you can also use this site to thanks them by clicking on the button “share”   So navigate to your dashboard – and look on your notifications to see who has given you a “K”.  If you haven’t got any, send some to other people and they will surely reciprocate.  You can share on your Twitter Account and also to your Facebook.  On Facebook you can post on your wall, a friend’s wall or to a page that you have admin rights.

You can also create lists, useful when you need to access people quickly.