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Would you believe it?

Would you believe it – I didn’t know that it was Alan Rickman that was playing the part of Severus Snape in Harry Potter until I saw “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince“, I then researched Alan’s work on the Internet.  There is some amazing videos and art work on the Internet created by fans.  I set up a Google Alert for #AlanRickman and created this paper  I use my Twitter @Awesomecntr, today’s paper also has #media

I connected to Severus Snape on Google +  Alan Rickman has  moved on to star in a Broadway Play called Seminar.

I couldn’t resist to take a snap and post to my Flickr Account, I only have a free account – but it allows you to post your picture against your postcode.

I am now using an IPhone4 and I find this so useful for posting pictures to my Social Media accounts.   I went to a Networking event in Eastbourne on Thursday and took a photo and I sent it to my Twitter using the #Hashtag #TheConnector and #photo and and on my paper

I voted for the in the Mashable – Up and Coming Social Media Service, I have found this application to be very powerful.

I have worked hard this week with interaction on my Twitter Accounts and it has paid off as I now no9 on Social Chiefs and my Klout Score has risen to 53.  I am working on raising all my Twitter Accounts on Klout.



Reach your Twitter Targets

Normally, start my day by reading my mail and re-posting interesting articles on Twitter, Facebook and to my Blogs  TheConnector and Daily Ramblings-

I know that people follow and unfollow all the time on my Twitter accounts but today 15/11/11 I have 6827 followers and I have been added to 258 lists for my @stella_holman account.

Part of my Twitter Strategy is to “Reach your Twitter Targets –

Find & group people using criteria  I specify such as topic, location, interactions and more, to  to find, engage and analyse groups of people on Twitter with the aim to grow my community in a smart and targeted way.

The application I use performs the tasks automatically. will track your progress and  and recommend how you can engage your targets more effectively.

I monitor relevant keywords and create alerts which give me information in the form of articles to repost to my Facebook Pages.

 Get in to the Conversation,which also re-posts out to one of my Twitter Account Timeline.  Articles for Social Media to enable others to learn different techniques I post to Stella Holman – Personal IT Coach.-

Articles that I want to raise awareness and Travel go to Stella Holman, The Connector , these are then posted to my Twitter 

Tweetlevel- A Nifty Measurement Tool



I came across this application via a business associates Tweet, a good way to measure your activity on Twitter.Tweetlevel- A nitfy measurement Tool

Using Formulists


Using Formulists – on my Twitter Account AwesomeCntr – I pay for the premium account on Formulist cost me 0.66p a month payable by Paypal.  To create your account use this link – 

I use this list @AwesomeCntr/risk-managment    to create a paper on –

I created this paper to assist a new client who’s business is about Risk and Safety –

The other paper is

My other lists which are public are;-








@AwesomeCntr/people-i-talk-to-the-most – You’re the people I have been talking to most! (revealed by @formulists)

@AwesomeCntr/people-that-listed-me The people who have put me on a list 🙂 (made and updated by

@AwesomeCntr/new-reads – People that I have recently starting following (made and updated by

AwesomeCntr/who-my-friends-talk-to Tied to these tweeps through the friends we mutually like talking to (made using @formulists)

AwesomeCntr/people-like-meThe people I am most grouped together in lists with (hatched by @formulists)


Well now we have Tweeted Times – another Twitter Tool and Application

Just seen this new idea –

The Tweeted Times is a real-time personalized newspaper generated from your Twitter account.

Understanding how to use #Hashtags

I came across a great Blog today – which i thought i would share with you all.
For those of you who follow me on my twitter  you will see from this link the papers and hastags that i have used over the past few weeks.!/Stella_Holman.   
The web site –   
The Twitter Daily Newspaper is an interesting invention to create a paper based on #hashtags and to follow those created by other people.