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What’s in the Inbox?


Currently working with four email addresses, one that has personal and my Ecademy message notifications, the others have my marketing and incoming mail. Actually, I probably have about eighteen email addresses in all though some I am only reading the messages on a monthly basis.

 Google +

Now I have the Business Google and the Personal one.

I collect my domain name emails on my Google so that they are accessible from any machine. And also I can block the spammers.   Use Boxbe which is Free that helps with spammers.

People can only get in contact with me on the Networking sites.   I rarely connect to Skype invitations and I use this application to speak to people I have already engaged with online and my clientele.

On the Business Google+ I am mainly connecting to people I already network with though I do have a few Celebrities on there also.

Personal Google+ I am following interesting people, not following people who I know are only going to pester me.   People seem to be using this for dating and posting pictures of themselves in the nude!!!  Google don’t seem at all bothered  so I don’t connect to people that say they are looking for “dating and friends”

Quite a challenge all these Social Business platforms, I have been used to being on a variety of platforms since I got started with B2B Networking via International Trade sites so creating profiles and links isn’t a problem for me.  These days it is all made a lot easier as you can just log in with an OpenId passport – i.e Microsoft and of course the latest applications of Twitter and Facebook.

If you notice on articles on the Internet you can in fact share with the Social Networks and you can in a lot of places like content that is instantly shared with your Facebook page.  Try and get some conversation initiated around the articles


Yesterday, I accepted all my invitations and wrote back to a few of the people. Today, there is a further sixteen in the inbox plus over 658 messages that I need to respond to, some of which are recommendations that I need to write.   I will only write recommendations for people that I have worked with or experienced their services.  People seem to randomly write to all for recommendations regardless whether you have in fact exchanged ay communication with them at all!

On LinkedIn I am an Open Networker and also in the Top Networkers so I receive many invites.  Again, just connecting with people that I maybe able to benefit or people that might be interested in what I have to offer.  Very rarely connect with people that don’t display a photo.  In my opinion these people are just collecting names and not very serious about building relationships.

So today, I have been invited to connect to a Marketing Specialist in Singapore.

I can see on his profile that he is interested in Apparel, Retail and Lifestyle Industry.   One of my products is also in the Lifestyle Industry and also can be sold in Singapore, so I am going to accept the invitation to connect with him.

Then I just send him a quick message and ask him if he is interested to connect elsewhere and advise him that I seek people in Singapore and that I will send him the details.  It is a one off email and he can opt-out of receiving anymore messages.

Following up is important and the great thing about the CRM system it will let you know if the person opened the message and looked the content.

As we go into a new year, this is a time when most of us take stock of their lives and think about if this year will be any different to 2011.

Will we do anything new? Are you open to addressing your Income Options and look at new Income Streams

I would like to encourage you to be open and look at opportunities that are available. ” Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”  Best not to turn into a couch potato…

We are having a great time with WV.  We had another incredible year in 2012!  Do you think you would think this might be something you would like to come and look at?  Once you start using your DreamTrips Life Membership, we know you’ll absolutely love it! This has got to be the most exciting vacation club membership on the planet

In respective of the jobs that you want to do, always a good idea to bolt on a network-marketing opportunity in anycase until you can afford to retire early, you don’t have to give up your day job!

This has been a very hard recession – pensions getting eroded away, costs are going up, huge increased in the rail fares, generally speaking  people are getting depressed and down.

This is lovely to be able to offer something that people can offer to other people that will enable them to spend more time with their families and also enable them to earn another income.

We have this new page – that gives you an audio message and if you are interested in what you hear look at this business opportunity – and the holidays that you can enjoy as part of this membership – contact me for an informal chat on Skype Stella_Holman

I met Marc Accetta in September 2010

I met Marc Accetta in London in September 2010.
Marc is with my sponsor - Tony Kaye.
More information about my business pursuits read

UK LEADER - Tony Kaye and Marc Accetta at the London Flagship meeting


I came across this blog – today and I have found it quite inspiring so i thought I would share it with you.

I agree with the blog that it is a good idea to reflect back over the past year and learn from your mistakes! I know that i am fortunate to have some good friends who speak into my life and guide me when I am going in the wrong direction!  I am also blessed to have some wonderful Christian friends too that in my hour of need i can ask them to pray for me and i see results.

This next year, in April 2011 I will be 50 – so i am looking back on the last ten years, I have been divorced and i have brought my two children up as a single Mother.  Both of them are now teenagers in that stage of wondering what they will be doing when they leave school.

In fact i am in the season to start to reach out to new beginnings with my personal and working life.

The last three years have been better than i have ever thought possible, due to meeting truly uplifting and inspiring people who have encouraged me to think out of the box and use my natural gifts  which have enabled me to be motivated by the passion for doing the things that I enjoy!


Wednesday 8th September 2010 – A Day in the Life of Stella Holman

When i started work this morning I read a post on Facebook from my FB contact Steve Wiideman. Steve shared a video on my wall from Jim Rohn called “Have the Best Year Ever: Become More Valuable”  
I am currently concentrating on providing a service to give more value. Last month I attended a workshop run by Blackstar David Winch called Pricing by Value so I this video was of interest to me …On Jim Rohn’s  Youtube video is the link to Jim Rohn’s web site . Jim Rohn is a philosopher, motivational counselor, business executive, and bestselling author. He has been recognized as the greatest motivational speaker of all time. On this site I noticed this article entitled “The Greatest Leadership Challenge” 

The Great Leadership Challenge – if you want to be a leader that attracts quality people the key is to become a person of quality yourself. Leadership is the ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills and opportunities you offer as an Owner, Manager and Parent.  What is important in Leadership is refining your skills.  All great leaders keep working on themselves until they come effective – look at this link for more info

Another great resource – the FREE Mission Statement Builder


I am a frequent poster of comments into my Facebook newsfeed for most recent – to generate conversation, I will share news and motivational quotes….The people that I have coming through on my wall are doing the same thing on which I may comment on their posts or they may comment on mine.

Today, I have commented on my own postings to share what each one was about and its purpose…..

There is opportunity for my network to connect with me on the sites to help me and others share news, blogs etc.  I’m generating conversation on the social hubs to encourage people to chat about the various subjects etc…

Another great way to communication is via Twitter, Twitter now integrates with  This application organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag.
A great way to stay on top of all that is shared by the people you follow – even if you are not connected 24/7 !

I have created three papers 
Connector_WorldVDaily –
East Sussex Business Daily –  
Stella Holman –

This idea of the Daily Paper is a fascinating piece of technology that I really need to learn and understand how to use to the maximum.

I can see that those that remember to use the #Hashtags are getting the most benefit.