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Networking at it’s best on the Social Media platforms

I have to look and read my emails on the web via Gmail as I get so many these days and the general marketing I normally delete it.  Messages from contacts/twitter and notifications that I need to comment on then get uploaded to my Outlook folders and I read them later on.

I am using three emails, just set up a new one to correspond with this new Blog which will be for people who will contact me about Life Coaching and the Business Coaching which will be developed around helping new business find contacts and leads via networking.

A lot of my notifications are constantly coming up via my Iphone4, so it is impossible to miss anything important!  People that are Social Media Savvy normally get my attention by DM or @stella_holman on Twitter.

Facebook, is still one of my prime areas for marketing, building relationships to find potential projects, I currently use Ecademy and LinkedIn.  Ecademy being the prime network for me.

Everyone that I offer the Social Media Visibility service to has to create a profile on Ecademy, as this is the objective and main platform for which my services operate, at least I can offer them a 30 day trial.   I am aiming to recruit Blackstars and have a plan in which they can collaborate and we can then all make some money!

Yesterday, I was aware about another Social Media platform on which connections could give each other a type of recommendation. .  if you are connected to me, i will be sending you a voucher at some point. This works with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  For me those connections combined are nearly 12,000 connections, on which I could be interacting with on a weekly, monthly basis.

LinkedIn being a database, these days having opportunity to interact easier on the groups and also by liking and commenting on RSS threads.

LinkedIn is almost a weeks work for me.   I have to confess with having a backlog of emails of nearly 700 and also over 300 invitations of people wanting to connect.

Have to be selective of who I add, want to connect with people who it is possible to build a working relationship with as most people who connect will send an email and I am sorting through people who maybe interested to work with me.   It just isn’t practical to add people who seek work to be outsourced.  For example when I first started on LinkedIn I was adding everybody, but as I get bombarded with emails about outsourcing to Call Centres in India.  The most off putting thing about this is that these people just don’t have any idea who their clients should be.

So on a small basis; it I do delegate projects to other people  though it is really difficult to find the right person, my daughter gets involved from time to time.  She is very fast these days as she also is on Facebook.  I have been working with the Digital Coaches and when I get paid to do a project I get so behind with my own work that it seems I can never catch up.

The best way is to use a strategy this is a product that I have created  to use with Twitter tools which works quite nicely to post tweets to my various accounts, then all I have to do is build the relationships with the people who connect to me.  Also about caring and sharing, building lists in your various sectors/industries.

The same with Facebook – if you set-up your Twitter, so that updates on your Facebook pages get posted directly into your Tweet, and if you are then sharing the RSS codes with your other networks you are sharing your content with a lot of people.

Using Foursquare

I am going to share my whereabouts with all the people that want to connect with me on Foursquare.  I have managed to log in with my new IPhone4.   I logged in with my desktop computer as well.


There was 25 notifications which were activities on the site, like acceptance of friends requests and ones that have been sent to me .   I see that I have 60 pending friends requests.





I am open – random and supportive but also selective – looking to engage with people who are similar to me.  Online for Networking – not for people from overseas looking for dating!!!  Engaging with those who might already be connected via Twitter or Facebook and of course Ecademy or LinkedIn.


In fact you can only have 1000 connections so really you have to choose wisely.


So I have logged in to Beatty Road Shops as I’m not far away.

I’m in danger of being the Mayor – good for conversation on the web.   I’m sure that there are loads of other people on a Iphone4 inEastbournethat have never heard of these applications as they are a bit behind the times……

Actually, I have sent a friends invite to this person Matthew F as it could be interesting.  Seems to know what he is doing- has had 434 check-ins, has 17 badges and 22 Mayorships,  he needs a bit of competition don’t you think? 😉




Monitoring Blogs

Today I have posted a blog at Ecademy. I posted the blog at 10.41am. I had intended to add my pictures showing the results, but have been unable to add them on this platform, but have managed to put them on my Facebook Fan Page . Go and check them out and follow me.As you can see from the widgets on this site – this Blog is also indexed by Network Blogs

Wednesday 8th September 2010 – A Day in the Life of Stella Holman

When i started work this morning I read a post on Facebook from my FB contact Steve Wiideman. Steve shared a video on my wall from Jim Rohn called “Have the Best Year Ever: Become More Valuable”  
I am currently concentrating on providing a service to give more value. Last month I attended a workshop run by Blackstar David Winch called Pricing by Value so I this video was of interest to me …On Jim Rohn’s  Youtube video is the link to Jim Rohn’s web site . Jim Rohn is a philosopher, motivational counselor, business executive, and bestselling author. He has been recognized as the greatest motivational speaker of all time. On this site I noticed this article entitled “The Greatest Leadership Challenge” 

The Great Leadership Challenge – if you want to be a leader that attracts quality people the key is to become a person of quality yourself. Leadership is the ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills and opportunities you offer as an Owner, Manager and Parent.  What is important in Leadership is refining your skills.  All great leaders keep working on themselves until they come effective – look at this link for more info

Another great resource – the FREE Mission Statement Builder


I am a frequent poster of comments into my Facebook newsfeed for most recent – to generate conversation, I will share news and motivational quotes….The people that I have coming through on my wall are doing the same thing on which I may comment on their posts or they may comment on mine.

Today, I have commented on my own postings to share what each one was about and its purpose…..

There is opportunity for my network to connect with me on the sites to help me and others share news, blogs etc.  I’m generating conversation on the social hubs to encourage people to chat about the various subjects etc…

Another great way to communication is via Twitter, Twitter now integrates with  This application organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag.
A great way to stay on top of all that is shared by the people you follow – even if you are not connected 24/7 !

I have created three papers 
Connector_WorldVDaily –
East Sussex Business Daily –  
Stella Holman –

This idea of the Daily Paper is a fascinating piece of technology that I really need to learn and understand how to use to the maximum.

I can see that those that remember to use the #Hashtags are getting the most benefit.