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What’s in the Inbox?

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Currently working with four email addresses, one that has personal and my Ecademy message notifications, the others have my marketing and incoming mail. Actually, I probably have about eighteen email addresses in all though some I am only reading the messages on a monthly basis.

 Google +

Now I have the Business Google and the Personal one.

I collect my domain name emails on my Google so that they are accessible from any machine. And also I can block the spammers.   Use Boxbe which is Free that helps with spammers.

People can only get in contact with me on the Networking sites.   I rarely connect to Skype invitations and I use this application to speak to people I have already engaged with online and my clientele.

On the Business Google+ I am mainly connecting to people I already network with though I do have a few Celebrities on there…

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Three Steps to A Successful Life

1)      Decide what’s important. 

2)      2) Prioritise your time. 

3)       3) Learn to motivate yourself. 


Money makes the world go round – Look at ways of how you can promote your business and it’s services to generate new prospects and leads.

As a self-employed person it is important to spend some time working on the business everyday to generate new prospects and leads.  Creating blogs and reciprocate with the previous days connections is something to focus on.

Be motivated to follow up with all who Tweeted your content or followed you on Twitter.   There are ways you can automate this process and applications that will do this on your behalf.