Get in the Conversation with Social Media

I’m playing Empire Avenue and have two accounts – a personal for me on and also one for the business name  TheConnector account is doing well but keeps fluctuating from day to day and I therefore have to work hard to keep the share price up.

However, I am sure that if you are as good as the Social Media as you say you are then your share price should go up.  So in order to keep it high you also need to be active on all your connecting Social Media sites.  Could be a tall order for the majority of people, however, it really isn’t all that tough for me as my business actually is an Internet based one so  a lot of my actually networking does in fact take place online.  Initial message, then a Skype chat, then a meeting if necessary and possible.

Ok for “The Connector” as that is me and has the most active accounts connected, but “Ivey Business” is the business name that in trade under and these days is not so popular.   Quite a bit of my day networking would be spent on Empire Avenue which I don’t mind as I have met so really wonderful people that I would never have come across and then of course I am looking for Team Leaders so that I can expand my W.V business with the right calibre of people.

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