Get in the Conversation with Social Media

Using Formulists


Using Formulists – on my Twitter Account AwesomeCntr – I pay for the premium account on Formulist cost me 0.66p a month payable by Paypal.  To create your account use this link – 

I use this list @AwesomeCntr/risk-managment    to create a paper on –

I created this paper to assist a new client who’s business is about Risk and Safety –

The other paper is

My other lists which are public are;-








@AwesomeCntr/people-i-talk-to-the-most – You’re the people I have been talking to most! (revealed by @formulists)

@AwesomeCntr/people-that-listed-me The people who have put me on a list 🙂 (made and updated by

@AwesomeCntr/new-reads – People that I have recently starting following (made and updated by

AwesomeCntr/who-my-friends-talk-to Tied to these tweeps through the friends we mutually like talking to (made using @formulists)

AwesomeCntr/people-like-meThe people I am most grouped together in lists with (hatched by @formulists)


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