Get in the Conversation with Social Media

The vision of the Ecademy Digital School is to build a Global Network of Digital Coaches to improve the adoption and ethical implementation of digital tools and online communities.

Our goals are:

  • To recruit business coaches, digital enthusiasts and businessowners to spread the message of Digital Business and Digital Mindsets
  • To teach the ethical use of the online “social” world to bring people closer and solve business problems faster
  • To have Digital Coach™ in every town and city in the UK
  • To grow Ecademy Digital Schools in all the major cities in Europe, USA and Asia
  • To create a new “Digital Coaching” industry
  • Create a “hub” of Digital Skills

Digital Coaching Courses

Monday, November 15, 09:00 – Tuesday, November 16,  17:00

Saturday, December 04, 09:00 – Sunday, December 05,  17:00

The course is split over 4 modules delivered over 3 months, toensure maximum learning, practical application of new knowledge betweenmodules and flexibility to ensure minimum interruption to delegatesbusinesses.
The courses are limited to a maximum of 20 delegates at Warren House near London.


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