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Support the younger generation in Media – Nathan Wheelwright

I am keen to support the younger generation – Nathan Wheelwright – has got a passion for Media – he has created this Blog on WordPress –, do check it out and leave him a comment

New Online Presentation for World Ventures

Hugely excited by our new presentation:

Monitoring Blogs

Today I have posted a blog at Ecademy. I posted the blog at 10.41am. I had intended to add my pictures showing the results, but have been unable to add them on this platform, but have managed to put them on my Facebook Fan Page . Go and check them out and follow me.As you can see from the widgets on this site – this Blog is also indexed by Network Blogs

Mobile Recruiting

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Do come by and say hello and don’t forget to follow me!

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Meet Geert Conard – Pro-active Networker

Geert will research and advise on the best ways to connect to your customers, he will create solutions and advise on how to apply them –

More info about networking and how it can help you to win new business and referrals check out

MarketMe Tweet’s something wrong with your Twitter account! Hi Here’s the problem…When you post your messages to Twitter, no matter which of the popular applications you use, did you realise that you’re giving away valuable real estate and backlinks to someone else?
If you use TweetDeck, Seesmic, Hootsuite, or virtually any other application, go check your Twitter feed now and you’ll see what I mean. Every single tweet you post on YOUR page has THEIR name on it, plus a link back to THEIR website.So, every time you tweet, you’re advertising THEM!And, until now, there wasn’t a darn thing you could do about it.
============== THE SOLUTION==============Earlier today I came across the solution to the problem and when
you know how, it’s an amazingly quick and simple thing to fix.
All it takes is 5 minutes and then you’ll be able to:
[1] Brand your tweets with your own name.

[2] Insert a link back to your own website.
[3] Manage all of your twitter Marketing Efforts in ONE tool.
The solution is “Market Me Tweet” and you can download it from: is a revolutionary tool.
Just go to the page, download the software and follow the easy instructions to get started.
Inferior tools compare at over $188, but this is an absolute steal. I think the company must have lost their minds.
Get it before they come to their senses!
Happy tweeting,
Stella Holman
PS – The software is completely ‘no strings attached’, so doyourself a favor and fix your Twitter account today…