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World Ventures have officially pre-launched in the Netherlands…

We have officially pre-launched in the Netherlands!

If you are based in the Netherlands and interested in a home based business, then check this out

Take advantage of the pre-launch phase in the Netherlands, during the pre-launch enrollment, no money is collected and you will not be asked for payment information.

So consider to join our Team get busy with pre-launch marketing so you will have a huge organization growing beneath you when the Netherlands officially opens!

The Soft Launch in Germany is Off to a Fantastic Start –

Monday 21st June marked the official soft launch of WorldVentures in Germany, and we have had hundreds of Reps sign up! Throughout the week the numbers have continued to multiply!

Congratulations to everyone involved and a huge welcome to all of the new WorldVentures Reps and members! We wish everyone an experience of great growth, adventure, opportunity and prosperity!

Focusing for the first 90 days…..

World Ventures is a growing top NM Company and anyone who joins at this time is in such a unique position for success.

In order to tap in to the success and prosper the best advise I can give is that it is imperative to focus and give this 100% of your attention in the first 90 days.

The goal is therefore to put this opportunity in front as many people as possible!

I seek to embrace this opportunity encourage other like-minded individuals to join me.

I seek people interested to learn and be taught our system to show others how to be successful in this business. We have lots of ways to show others about this opportunity, both on the Internet and also the regional, national and global meetings that are currently taking place.

I am embracing any effort that puts new people in front of the opportunity, whilst keeping my head clear and uncluttered I am looking for leaders. I am keen to spend my time with anyone who wants to do the same thing. I seek people that understand and believe in the business model and the opportunity that it represents.

This is an opportunity that will give you the money to change your life and I seek others that want to grasp this opportunity with both hands!

World Ventures German Tour Update

Peter Powderham, has just returned from the very first World Ventures Germany Tour!!

Through the events, meetings and personal 1 2 1’s he said that he saw over 200 people and was able to spend as much time as needed preparing for the scheduled launch of World Ventures in Germany later this month!

There are now well over 2300 pre registered reps in Germany and the number is accelerating by the day. Since the tour this daily registration increase is accelerating. Many of the key leaders in Germany wanted to have this tour to better understand what would take place at launch. They wanted to be sure the company was committed and would `do the right thing’ in Germany. They are now very convinced and the gates are wide open!!

One of the questions that has been asked is that of Products (Dream Trips). When would we see an increase in the trips available for Europe (specifically designed). Well, quite a few have been added in this last week and members can view these on their sites. Peter says that his phone has been buzzing with very impressed comments about the latest Dream Trip announcements!!

Take a look and you will see where our business is taking us!

Both with Dream Trips and the Income Opportunity this represents for everyone.

Make No Mistake….Be Under No Delusion…..Hold On To Your Hat…..

GERMANY and the rest of Europe is just around the corner.

Right Time, Right Place, Right Company!!

This will NOT Happen Twice!!